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You are getting married, congratulations!! And now you are looking for a wedding photographer. I would love to capture your wedding.

I love love and consider it an honor to photograph during a wedding. I’m super flexible in terms of location, so I’ll come to you (or even travel abroad!).

But let’s be honest: we have to match. My style should appeal to you, and you should also feel like spending so many hours with me on your day (or during a weekend). So take a look around my website and view my portfolio.

Good to know in advance: I can bring a second photographer (my girlfriend Roxanne) and when we get together, we also offer the option of a wedding film!

How I Work

Trouwfotografie Alkmaar


You send me a message via email or whatsapp when you are getting married and which package you want!

If I’m still available that date, we’ll schedule a call to get to know each other better and see if we click!

If it feels good (from both sides), I’ll send a quote for you to sign.

And then I’m officially your wedding photographer! In the course of the wedding, we have contact about the schedule and I can prepare for your wedding.

We schedule a nice moment to do your loveshoot during the day. And I get a list from you with all the group photo combinations, if you want to. You don’t have to do anything else on your day other than shine and enjoy.

homohuwelijk lesbisch stel Toscane

My photos are often spontaneous and full of emotion. Of course, I also give all kinds of tips and I put you at ease!

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, so if there’s something you don’t like, you can say so.

And the beauty of your wedding day is, you are always at your best, because you GLOW.



During the wedding, I will capture you at your best! It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of camera experience or not at all.

I am often there from the start, from the preparation. We’ve discussed the schedule before, and I can reach any master of ceremonies/person of honor, so I know exactly which moments are important.


After the wedding, I will make a beautiful, big edited selection of photos.

You will receive a sneak peek with a (small) first selection within 48 hours. I will add the large selection in the online gallery within a month.

From this gallery you can make a selection of photos for the wedding album.

The gallery will be available online for 6 months after your wedding.

Trouwfotografie duinen lesbisch stel

Wedding Film

Would you also like a wedding film? That’s possible! In that case, I will bring my girlfriend along as a videographer, and she will make a beautiful highlight montage of your wedding.

Pricing Wedding Photographer

All prices include VAT and travel costs within the Netherlands.

Two Wedding Photographers

The big advantage of having two photographers is that we can capture more from several angles, but also two moments at the same time (for example, the couple’s ‘I do’ and the emotions of the guests). You get an introduction call with all packages, an online gallery with 35 edited photos per hour, a first preview within 48 hours after the wedding, and a gift album.

12 hours photography €3499,-
10 hours photography €2999,-
8 hours photography €2499,-
6 hours photography €1999,-

Wedding Film

Would you like a wedding film? That’s possible! In that case, I will bring my girlfriend as a videographer instead of a second photographer. She will make a beautiful highlight montage of about 5-7 minutes of your wedding.

12 hours photo + film €4099,-
10 hours photo + film €3599,-
8hours photo + film €3099,-
6hours photo + film €2599,-

Basic Photography Packages

At smaller weddings, I can also come by myself. You get an introduction call with all packages, an online gallery with 35 edited photos per hour, a first preview within 48 hours after the wedding, and a gift album.

10 hours photography €2099,-
8 hours photography €1699,-
6 hours photography €1499,-

Wedding Album

Would you like a linen wedding album instead of the gift album? We have two options:

Wedding Album 25×25 cm / 10×10 inch (20 pages)Wedding Album 30×30 cm / 12×12 inch (20 pages)

Are you happy with your gift album, and would you like to order a second (parent) album?
That’s possible from €219,-

Destination Wedding

Are you getting married abroad? Wow, how cool! I would love to travel with you!

Would you like to join me as a wedding photographer abroad? I charge my normal rates plus travel and accommodation costs abroad.

Gay Wedding Photographer

As you may have noticed, I often photograph LGBT+ couples! It is special that we have been able to celebrate marriage for all couples in the Netherlands since 2001.

As a queer photographer, my heart beats faster when I get to capture something so special!


Bruiloft fotograaf Den Haag

Bruiloft fotograaf Alkmaar

Gay homo trouwfotograaf

Trouwfotograaf bos Bergen

Homostel trouwfotograaf

Trouwen in het buitenland fotograaf

Trouwfotografie duinen lesbisch stel

Portretfotograaf fotoshoot man

Trouwfotograaf Toscane lesbisch stel

Lesbische bruiloft trouwfotograaf

Bruiloft fotograaf Toscane

Homo bruiloft fotograaf

Trouwfotograaf Bergen

Trouwfotograaf strand Scheveningen Den Haag

For more photos, check out my photoshoots portfolio.


Homohuwelijk queer trouwfotograaf trouwfilm Den Haag

Rox and Maartje made our wedding film. They have truly exceeded all my expectations. Every time I look at it, it feels like it was yesterday.

Karin & Jake

Homohuwelijk trouwfotograaf Den Haag

We are really enjoying the afterglow and also really enjoyed Roxanne & Maartje as photographers!

Stefan & Robin

Trouwfotograaf Duitsland trouwen in het buitenland

Roxanne & Maartje had fun and original ideas and took many beautiful pictures of our wedding in Germany. Not only did they capture all the important moments, but also of valuable details from the church, town hall, and atmosphere at our wedding.

Regine & Erik

Trouwen in het buitenland bruiloftsfotograaf Italie homohuwelijk

Maartje & Roxanne traveled with us to Italy for our wedding. Besides the nice time we had with them, they also took beautiful pictures for us.

Lisa & Peggy

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment work?

I will send a payment link for a deposit with the quotation. This is 10% of the total amount and no refund is possible. If the wedding is rescheduled, this deposit can be taken up to a maximum of 1 year after the wedding date.

A month before the wedding, I will send a payment link to pay the remaining amount.

What happens in case of cancellation?

From the moment of signing the offer, cancellation costs will be charged in case of cancellation (except for cancellation due to official COVID-19 measures).

Cancellation costs are 50% of the total amount from 3 months before the wedding and 100% of the total amount from 1 month before the wedding.

Note: Maartje Hensen has the right to use the taken photos in her portfolio / promotional purposes such as Facebook, blog, website, social media and possible competitions. If you do not want this, there is the option for a license upgrade. Let us know before the photo shoot, so that you will not be faced with surprises.

The general terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships of Maartje Hensen.

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