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You are expecting, congratulations! And now you would like to plan a newborn shoot to capture your miracle(s).

It’s an honor to be able to photograph newborn babies and their parent(s). The moment they are so tiny will never come back!

I’m based in Amsterdam, but flexible in terms location. So let me come to you for a newborn shoot!

What I Do

Newborn shoot zwart wit handen


Before the newborn shoot, we will discuss your wishes via email or WhatsApp! We will schedule an appointment together.

About a week before the newborn shoot, I will send you a payment link, which you pay before the photoshoot.

Newborn shoot: when?

When planning a newborn shoot, we look at the due date. The best time for a newborn shoot is when your baby is 1-2 weeks old.

Then the baby is still tiny and still sleeps a lot. Within a week is often a bit too early for a parent who has just given birth and a baby (due to jaundice).

Of course, the due date is not always the final date of birth. When planning, we agree on a provisional date (about a week after the due date).

If the baby is born sooner or later, we will be in touch about a new date.

We can also schedule a photoshoot when your baby is a little older! The baby is not so tiny anymore, but your child is often awake longer and as a parent you already know your child better.

For a family photoshoot with other children, it is sometimes more convenient to schedule a baby photo shoot later, because the first two weeks are already so restless and new.


During the newborn shoot, I will capture your child and you at your best!

I have plenty of ideas, but I also always like to hear what you like! It’s important that everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, so even if the baby doesn’t want something (or a diaper needs to be changed) I adapt!

I also show the pictures I take during the newborn shoot, so if you want to redo something, you can.

Newborn shoot Amsterdam

TIP! I often get the question: what kind of clothes should I wear for a photo shoot? It is important that you wear something that you feel comfortable in!

In addition, it is useful to avoid clothing with texts or busy patterns, unless that is the focus of the photoshoot. Are you in doubt? Have an extra option!

It is nice for the baby to have some blankets or cloths ready for variety. Please think about appropriate bedding too, as we will be taking photos on bed as well.

Baby fotoshoot Alkmaar


After the newborn shoot I will make a beautiful, big edited selection of photos. This selection will be available within a week, in an online gallery.

From this gallery, you can make a selection of photos according to your chosen package. It’s also possible to purchase extra photos. When you’ve made your selection, I will make the amount of downloads available, and you can download your selection.

The gallery will be available online for 6 months.

What I DON’T do

Newborn babies in sunflower suits or fidgeting positions. No Anne Geddes images.

Static, awkward poses.

Studio photo shoot with lots of things going on.

What I Do

Capturing your family as you are. Your baby is of course the most beautiful and I capture the sweet, spontaneous moments at your home.

Of course, I also have nice photo ideas, but nothing is mandatory and everything is allowed!

Pricing Newborn Shoot

All packages are for a photo shoot with two parents and a newborn. Are there more parents, or do you already have a child/children? Make it a family photo shoot for €20 extra! Are you a single parent? Then you get a €20 discount!


  • 1.5 hours photography in your home
  • 30 high resolution photos, to select from an online gallery


  • 2 hours photography in your home
  • 45 high resolution photos, to select from an online gallery


Get 10% off a newborn shoot if you also book a pregnancy shoot.

Prices include VAT and travel costs up to 15 kilometers / 10 miles from Amsterdam. After that, I charge €0.35 per kilometer. Additional photos can be purchased later for €5 each.

Book a Newborn Shoot

It’s really easy, you let me know what you want and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Send me a message via WhatsApp or email.

Portfolio Newborn

Newborn shoot handje

Newborn shoot papa en baby

Newborn fotografie voetjes

Newborn shoot zwart wit handen

Newborn shoot Amsterdam

Baby fotoshoot zwart wit

Newborn shoot Amsterdam

Newborn fotoshoot Utrecht

Newborn fotograaf Amsterdam

Baby fotoshoot

Baby fotoshoot Alkmaar

Baby fotoshoot Amsterdam

For more photos, check out my photoshoots portfolio.


Newborn shoot Utrecht

Maartje was very patient with us. It was also nice to have some guidance on how to pose for the pictures, usually I’m always a bit awkward on the pictures but here the result is very natural and we love the pictures we received.


Newborn shoot

These ladies are also great for a newborn shoot. They take all the time, which is really necessary with a little one. They involve the whole family and also capture intimate moments beautifully. I would love to hang my entire house full of all the beautiful pictures they have taken.


Note: Maartje Hensen has the right to use the taken photos in her portfolio / promotional purposes such as Facebook, blog, website, social media and possible competitions. If you do not want this, there is the option for a license upgrade. Let us know before the photo shoot, so that you will not be faced with surprises.

The general terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships of Maartje Hensen.

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