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You’re pregnant! Congratulations! You are making a new human, how special that is. I consider it an honor to be able to photograph you during a pregnancy shoot.

We meet at a beautiful outdoor location, or I come to your home. I am Amsterdam based, but flexible in terms of location.

Want to plan a fun photoshoot for a pregnancy announcement? That is, of course, also possible!

How I Work

Fotoshoot zwangerschap aankondiging


Before the pregnancy shoot, we will discuss your wishes via email or WhatsApp! We will schedule an appointment together.

About a week before the pregnancy shoot I will send you a payment link, which you pay before the photoshoot.

When to plan a Pregnancy Shoot?

For a pregnancy announcement, we can plan early!

For beautiful round bump photos, I prefer to capture you when you are 30-35 weeks pregnant. Then you have a nice round bump and, if all goes well, you still have enough energy!

From the 36th week of your pregnancy, the chance of birth is high, and you have a greater chance of physical discomfort.


During the pregnancy shoot I will capture you at your best! It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of camera experience or not at all.

I have plenty of ideas, but I also always like to hear what you like! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, so if there’s something you don’t like, you can say so.

I also show the photos I take during the pregnancy shoot, so if you want to redo a shot, we can.

zwangerschaps shoot

I love working on location, with natural light and as little ‘stuffy’ posing as possible. My imagery is colorful, happy and personal; just like me! Of course, I will also give you tips during the photoshoot and make you feel at ease!

Trouwfotograaf zwangerschaps aankondiging


After the pregnancy photoshoot I will make a beautiful, big edited selection of photos. This selection will be available within a week, in an online gallery.

From this gallery, you can make a selection of photos according to your chosen package. It’s also possible to purchase extra photos. When you’ve made your selection, I will make the amount of downloads available, and you can download your selection.

The gallery will be available online for 6 months.

Pricing Pregnancy Shoot

Your partner can accompany you with all packages. Are you a throuple or do you already have a child/kids (dogs count too!)? Make it a family photo shoot for €20 extra!


  • 1 hour on location or at home
  • 30 high resolution photos, to select from an online gallery


  • 1.5 hours on location or at home
  • 45 high resolution photos, to select from an online gallery


  • 2 hours on location or at home
  • 60 high resolution photos, to select from an online gallery

Prices include VAT and travel costs up to 15 kilometers / 10 miles from Amsterdam. After that, I charge €0.35 per kilometer. Additional photos can be purchased later for €5 each.

Pregnancy + Newborn

Get 10% off a newborn shoot after doing a pregnancy shoot with me.

Pregnancy Shoot Clothing

What kind of clothes do you wear during a pregnancy shoot? It is important that you wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and beautiful!

It’s about you and your bump, so avoid busy prints or texts on clothing. It is useful to wear clothes in which the bump is clearly visible.

We can, of course, also take pictures with a bare belly. Think in advance what you want to wear on top (a nice bra, an open blouse, or maybe a kimono?)

zwangerschap fotografie


The colors of your clothes and the location determine the mood of the photo. Think in advance which atmosphere suits you best. Is it dark, contrasting, or light?

You can always opt for neutral, timeless colors. And if you want to take a picture with your partner(s), coordinate the colors.

If in doubt, bring an extra set of clothes!

zwangerschap fotoshoot heide

Outdoor Pregnancy Shoot

It’s wonderful to do a beautiful pregnancy shoot outdoors, on location! We can catch beautiful light with sunrise or sunset.

You can choose a nice meaningful place, or we choose something that looks nice in the photos. Beautiful locations are the beach, dunes, or forests for example!


Do you want pictures with the pregnancy test or an ultrasound picture? Then make sure you think about the extras in advance!

I also always love it when you have photo ideas of your own, so feel free to bring along some sample photos or share them with me ahead of time.

Good to know: I don’t do pink/blue gender reveal photography. As a queer photographer, I know that gender and sex don’t always match. Of course, I’m open to fun queer & gender-neutral photo ideas!

Studio Pregnancy Shoot

I don’t have a photo studio, but I would like to visit your home for a beautiful photo shoot!

The advantage of being at home is that you can process beautiful personal items or places (for example, the baby’s room) in the photos.

Also check out my photoshoots portfolio page for more examples.

Note: Maartje Hensen has the right to use the taken photos in her portfolio / promotional purposes such as Facebook, blog, website, social media and possible competitions. If you do not want this, there is the option for a license upgrade. Let us know before the photo shoot, so that you will not be faced with surprises.

The general terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships of Maartje Hensen.

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