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LGBT Queer Photographer

It’s pretty simple: as an LGBT queer photographer, I want everyone to feel beautiful in front of my camera. And that afterwards you look at the photos with pride and think: yes, that’s totally me!

To me, you’re most beautiful when you dare to be yourself unashamedly – whatever that means to you.

Tell your own story and let me capture it!

Safe space

I am a queer photographer. From experience, I know that as an LGBT or queer person it is not always obvious to be completely yourself.

For me, it is important to create a safe space during a photo shoot or wedding report. Nothing is more annoying than a photographer who suddenly appears transphobic or homophobic.

Gay fotoshoot homostel

Let’s Celebrate Diversity!

We can go all out with glitter and rainbows during Pride (a real unicorn? Why not!)?

But of course, not everyone is Fabulous with a capital F. During my photo shoots, you can be your authentic self!

Regenboog queer fotoshoot plus size

LGBT / Gay Photoshoot Amsterdam & surroundings

As a portrait photographer, I photograph you as you are. Maybe you want a special coming out photo shoot, a fun Pride memory, or maybe you just want to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Take a look around my website and see if my images appeal to you!

I am flexible in terms of location, but Amsterdam is where I’m based!

Loveshoot fotograaf Amsterdam

Do you want to take a picture with your love(s)? Book a couple photoshoot with me. I love love, and find it beautiful to capture!

Are you getting married? You can also book me as a wedding photographer (or even bring me abroad!).

But I also like to capture other moments. If you are pregnant, you can book a pregnancy shoot with me, or a newborn shoot when your baby is born.

Good to know: I don’t do pink/blue gender reveal photography. As a queer photographer, I know that gender and sex don’t always match.

Of course, I’m open to fun queer & gender-neutral photo ideas! Or a gender reveal photo shoot when coming out!

fotoshoot bi vlag

Make it ✨ EXTRA ✨

You are special! If you also want to make your photoshoot special, we can discuss this! I have rainbow flags, I am flexible in location, and I am always open to ideas.

Trouwfotografie duinen lesbisch stel

Gay Wedding

It is special that we can celebrate marriage for all couples in the Netherlands since 2001. As a queer photographer, my heart beats faster when I get to capture something so beautiful!

So I DO! I do want to photograph your wedding. Or registered partnership, engagement, or another (nontraditional) beautiful moment.

Check out my page on wedding photography.

Portfolio LGBT Queer Photography

Regenboog queer fotoshoot plus size

Stockholm homostel fotoshoot queer fotograaf

Transgender man en zwarte vrouw queer koppel Visit Netherlands door Maartje Hensen

Queer fotograaf koppel fotoshoot Amsterdam

Queer portretfotograaf

Homohuwelijk queer trouwfotograaf trouwfilm Den Haag

Non binair Nanoah Struik queer fotografe

Homo loveshoot Amsterdam fotograaf

Trouwen in het buitenland bruiloftsfotograaf Italie homohuwelijk

Homohuwelijk trouwfotograaf Den Haag

Homostel loveshoot Amsterdam regenboogvlag

Homo gay fotoshoot Rotterdam koppel

Regenboogfamilie lesbische moeders fotoshoot

Lesbische fotoshoot progressie regenboogvlag

Gay fotograaf lesbisch stel

fotoshoot bi vlag

Non binair Mees Pride Visit Netherlands door fotograaf Maartje Hensen

For more photos, check out my photoshoots portfolio.


Portretfotograaf transgender vrouw

A beautiful series of photos that make me feel like a fashion model, as the happy, beautiful woman I am.


LGBT Queer fotograaf

As a queer person, finding a photographer that understands me was really important. Their technical skill and creativity speak for itself, but for me what makes them stand out was their ability to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera.


Portretfotograaf plus size model

As a plus size model, I felt like Roxanne and Maartje helped me celebrate my curves, not hide them.


Note: Maartje Hensen has the right to use the taken photos in her portfolio / promotional purposes such as Facebook, blog, website, social media and possible competitions. If you do not want this, there is the option for a license upgrade. Let us know before the photo shoot, so that you will not be faced with surprises.

The general terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships of Maartje Hensen.

Maartje Hensen