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Visit Netherlands

Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) Pride 2021 Campaign

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Visit Netherlands

Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) Pride 2021 Campaign

Lesbian mothers Amsterdam antillean Debbie and Ursina Pride Visit Netherlands by Maartje Hensen
Non binary Nanoah Struik in Emmen dolmen Visit Netherlands by Maartje Hensen
Non binary Mees Pride Visit Netherlands by photographer Maartje Hensen
Gay couple Rotterdam Plantbased Dennis Pride Visit Netherlands by Maartje Hensen
Transgender man and Black woman queer couple Visit Netherlands by Maartje Hensen
Rainbow bicycle road Utrecht Elias van Mourik Visit Netherlands by Maartje Hensen

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By Denn


Facials photoshoot beauty salon
Photoshoot beauty salon Eemnes by Denn
Facial photographer
Beauty salon photographer
Photoshoot beautician By Denn
Facial photoshoot


2021 Sonos Roam Campaign

Sonos commercial product photography lesbian couple
Sonos speaker product photographer
Sonos commercial photo product photography


2021 Olympus OM-D

Olympus commercial product photography
Olympus product photography commercial
Olympus commercial product photography

De Ontmoeting

2021 De Ontmoeting 5+6

De Ontmoeting movie event photography
Cinema photographer
Movie event photography


2019 marketing campaign

Stockholm gay couple photoshoot queer photographer
Gay couple hotel queer photographer
Interracial gay couple hotel lobby Stockholm queer photographer


Annemarie van Waterschoot

Annemarie van Waterschoot, Content Director at NBTC Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions

Maartje provided us with a portrait series that we made for our instagram channel VisitNetherlands as part of the Pride week 2021. Where I mainly knew Maartje as a photographer, it soon became apparent that she is much more than that, and she surprised and relieved us by offering a package that was immediately worked out down to the last detail.

She also provided research, editing, a live interview and a piece of video. All right on point. She also acted as a specialist for us when it comes to LGBTQ+ content, knows what’s going on in that area and can put her finger on the sore spot or point out the nuances where necessary.

I enjoyed working with her and I believe we have been able to produce a high-level content series through our collaboration. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a content creator for a variety of assignments.

Christina Guggenberger

Christina Guggenberger, co-Founder, Stockholm LGBT 

We worked with the lovely content creator Maartje Hensen on developing targeted travel stories and LGBTQ+ photography for Stockholm LGBT and were very impressed with the results, as well as her professional and personable approach to getting the job done.

The fact that she is a wonderful person to work and spend time with has made our partnership even more fulfilling. We recommend her wholeheartedly.

Denise Weijer

Denise Weijer, owner beauty salon By Denn

February 2019, I started a beauty salon. Building something from scratch is not always easy. But Maartje has helped me with this from day 1.

From taking photos, designing flyers, videos of treatments, to guidance on how to use social media channels.

It is very pleasant to work with Maartje. She listens very closely to my wishes, but also comes up with great ideas herself.

Contact me for commercial projects.

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